【Cingjing Travel】Cingjing Countdown Party- A two-day trip(台灣南投清境 跨年晚會兩天一夜遊)

At the last day of 2015,I had been to Taiwan Nantou a two-day trip with my cousin Kroc. 
This is an awesome city, called “Small Swiss” and meanwhile a beautiful mountain city. Mountainous streets are wiggle as a snake does.

The first day noon, we immerse ourselves in the fresh air and the scenic wild greenery of the Cingjing Farm.

Feeding sheep is one of the popular activities here.
After making friends with sheep, we hit the road to “Small Swiss Garden” to take a walk and embrace the picturesque view.
What worth mention, the highest countdown party, held at tourist center parking lot. Not buildings but mountains surround the party.
How grand the mountains look in the early evening!
The party contained not only concert but aboriginal dance. 

The most forgettable experience was electro combined with artificial snow.

It’s hard to see snow in Taiwan, for me, this was really special idea and gave a boost to the atmosphere.
Stunning fireworks welcome a New Year coming when everyone counted up to “1”.
After that, we took the sunrise bus to Herhuan Mountain for seeing sunrise. 
In the early morning light we could just see the dark forms of the mountains. 

The view of Herhuan Mountain is spectacular.
Wuling is at an elevation of 3275 meters, the highest highway in Taiwan,
therefore, Wuling mark became a hot spot to take nice pictures.

We went back to Cingjing for lunch. Nantou Cingjing is also Yunnan Baiyi’s residential center for immigrants. 
Most of the immigrants flocked into Cingjing live in Bowang Village.
Immigrants started their new life here but keep their own culture and cuisine, so there are lots of Baiyi restaurants and stands in Cingjing.
After a long discussion between Native Chicken Restaurant and Lumama Restaurant, we had a meal at the former. I miss the roast chicken so much!!
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 European style is also characteristic of  Cingjing guesthouses, such as Dreamtown.

Situated at the highest point in which all the beautiful landscape of Chilai can be seen.

It is known for bird nest and glass house.

If I have one more stay day, I will live in Dreamtown again.

The wonderful memory proved we do had cozy nature trip and enjoyable countdown party in Nantou Cingjing.