【Puli Restaurant】Taiwan Nantou Puli restaurant-New Era Art Resort & Spa-Teppanyaki, tree house, menu-less(台灣南投埔里牛耳藝術渡假村 雕之森樹屋餐廳 無菜單料理)

The highest level restaurant in Taiwan Nantou Puli is New Era Teppanyaki.
Because of the limited seat, must to make a reservation in advanced.

Apple vinegar, side dishes and water are unlimited supplied.

There are two compelling feature in New Era Restaurant. One of them is menu-less. The other is tree house.
It's a special feeling that I don't know what I am going to eat.

Chef said this is called strawberry salad
But what you can see, not only strawberries, this appetizer is very hearty
including lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, strawberry, mushroom and so on ...
I didn't dip any dressing because all the ingredients are fresh and sweet.

Next to raw fish is freshly ground wasabi
Different form general wasabi, this one is light green and not too choke
A little clip on the sashimi and take dip soy sauce
I think this is  heavenly food in my life~

Broil Sushi
Although New Era teppanyaki sashimi was amazing, some still afraid of eating raw fish.
Then another option of second course is broil sushi
On the right side was eel dotted caviar above
One the left one tasted like salmon with salmon roe.
Fish was half-cooked by broiling
After finished this course, I was looking forward the next dish
This feeling did not know what to eat next is mysterious and exciting

Teppanyaki chef not only made delicious dishes but also painted well.
Shrimp is vivid presentation.
Peeled shrimp seasoned with little lemon juice was great and fresh.
I think it is unnecessary to dip honey mustard sauce.
Marinated tomato is not just a decoration.
After lavish meals, marinated tomato covered shrimp fragrant in the mouth.
I was ready to taste the next dish!

Fish Steak

Again stunning by the painting, what a magic craft.
Original flavor tasted divine
If you think you want more, then you can dip passion fruit sauce
Then the chef interrupt us,  "the mushroom must to eat first"

Well ......actually,  I thought it was dumpling......
Oh my god I'm so ignorance XDD

Luscious!! BIG MUSHROOM!!

Flaming Scallops
This course satisfied sense of taste and vision

rubbery scallop and shallots, garlic, and ginger matched pretty well.
burning brandy bouquet smelled good!

Main course is coming soon!! Meaty aroma made mouthwatering.

Iberian Pork & Tenderloin Steak
left: Iberian Pork/ Right: Tenderloin Steak
Both of them are tender.
Compared with steak, pork is fatter.
Don't worry! Remember the apple vinegar? try it!

superb medium Tenderloin Steak 

The same steak cut different way tasted not the same.
Of course right is tender, the other tasted like Pork Jowl

Last suprise! Steak rolled with cheese! 

Fry white water snowflake
Water snowflake is Nantou local cuisine, it's also my favorite vegetable.
Crispy and juicy snowflake came apropos after falvorful cheese beef.

 Soup of the day
Angelica and wolfberry soup has been credited with improving general health. 


Hot cake with honey and coconut powder

guave/ grape/ pineapple

black tea hot/iced
coffee hot/iced

Let's see the other compelling feature- tree house!

Nantou Puli forest characteristic restaurant, New Era Art Resort & SPA.

【New Era Art Resort & SPA】
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